List of Daily Jobs

There were many jobs that needed to be completed every day (listed below).
Armourer – Made armour specifically to the wearer
Atilliator – Made crossbows
Bailiff – Managed the castle estate or farm
Baker – Some bakers were employed by the Noble. They made bread as it was a daily food in medieval life.
Blacksmith – Forged and Sharpened weapons, and repaired armour
Bottler – Stored and dispensed wines and other expensive provisions
Bower or Bowyer – manufactured crossbows, arrows and bows

Butler – In charge of Buttery, stored and dispensed ale and beverages
Castellan – In charge of Castle
Chancellor – Secretary of a Noble or Royal person
Chaplain – Responsible for religious activities
Clerk – Kept Accounts
Clothier – Made clothes for Nobles
Constable – In charge of Castle
Cook – Made food in the fireplace or oven
Ditcher – Dug castle moats and foundations
Fletcher – Manufactured bows and arrows
Gardner – Needed knowledge about herbs and plants, and had the job of keeping ivy off the castle
Janitor – Guarded the main castle entrance and insured no-one left the castle without permission
Knight – Fought and served the Lord and practised battle skills
Messenger – Carried letters and receipts for the Lord
Moneylender – Medieval Banker
Physician – Procedures were practised for surgery, bleeding and lancing
Reeve – Supervised Lord's property
Scribe – Reading, writing and comprehensive skills were learned from the Scribe
Sheriff – Responsible for executing judicial duties
Spinster – Spinned yarn
Steward – Took care of the castle estate
Watchmen – Responsible for security all night