Preparing for a Battle or Siege

Battle of Hastings
In medieval times, besieging was the most common way to prepare for a siege. Castles had large amounts of food stored and larger castles had wells made inside them. This helped prepare for a battle of survival for food. Unfortunately, there was not much knowledge of preservation of food, so the food would only last a week or two. Moats, weapons and large armies were used for a battle. 

Castles prepared for a siege by bringing in all the people that worked and lived outside the castle and let them live inside. Everything of value, but especially food and drinks, were removed from the areas outside the castle and brought in. People knew that they would be surrounded by the enemy and would not be able to get out again until the intruders were fought off, so anything that couldn't be carried into the castle was likely destroyed so that it would not be available to help the other side. Once inside the castle, it is likely that food and supplies were rationed as people knew that the food had to last for as long as possible.

Soldiers probably spent time training farmers and other village people how to use weapons and how to help repel the attackers. Women and children most likely spent time making many weapons or defensive clothing and food. Heavy rocks and similar materials would have been brought up to the higher levels so that they could be dropped on attackers that tried to scale the walls. There were religious sessions too as many people would have been afraid of dying in the attacks.